Tha Kha Floating Market closer to the capital .The market takes place each weekend in a tranquil, rural setting amid the canals and fruit plantations of the Samut Songkhram province. Tha Kha will find locals punting along the waterways in wooden boats filled with fragrant flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, colorful spices, and dried fish.

Maeklong Railway Market located at Samut Singkhram. Maeklong Raiway Market or Talad Rom Hoop attracts a large number of tourists due to its unique location on a railway track. You will wander around the market full of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, meats, clothes and various local groceries. You will see the train tracks running straight down its middle market.


07:00 : Meet up at hotel lobby (in Bangkok area)
09:30 : Visit Tha Ka floating market, a traditional floating market and learn the way of local lifestyle. Take a boat trip along the canal to visit the coconut farm and traditional sugar-making by Coconut.
12:00 : Have lunch at floating market (Local thai food)
14:00 : Railway Market selling meats, vegetables, and fruits are sold right by the railway and the shoppers need to walk on a 1 meter wide railway.
14:30 : Train will run daily through eight rounds as follows 08: 30,11:10,14.30, 17.40. And out of the station drum 6.20, 9.00,11.30,15.30. Visitors will enjoy taking pictures as a souvenir while trains running through the market. umbrellas for when the train runs through the completion of vendors who sell along the railroad will be an umbrella for the usual fast is a beautiful picture.
15:00 : Visit Wat Bang Kung (temple),The famous temple Wat Khai Bang Kung‘s Ayutthaya ordination. Temple branches of banyan trees. There is a golden Buddha inside. Everyone put gold foil on him.
15:30 : Return to Bangkok
17:30 : Arrive your place.

Trip detail
Transportation : Private car and Private boat
Duration            : 10.30 hours
Max Travelers   : 10 persons

What are include and exclude?
– Meals and alcohol are excluded.
– Transportation fares are included.
– Admission fees are included.

Booking more than 1 person get Discount 10%

Maeklong Railway market

Tha Kha Floating Market

Visit Coconut sugar factory

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